Airline Protest Corner: Writing a Complaint for Court

Learn about writing a complaint for court systems effectively in this article.

Before you initially write a complaint letter to the airline company, you should always make sure that you fulfill your responsibility as an airline passenger. Before you take steps to the airport, you should call your airline company and ask if there are any changes to your flight. If there are none, arrive at the airport several hours before your flight. Despite all your honest preparation, sometimes you just cannot control what happens. As a result you end up having a complaint against airlines. When you encounter a terrible enough airline issues, writing a complaint for court is usually the first thing that crosses your mind. Donít jump the horse however. There are some preliminary steps to follow before writing a complaint for court.

When you have been overlooked or your presence has been disregarded, you can voice out your travel complaint to an airline customer service representative and try your best as much as possible to be courteous. Complain with grace if that makes any sense? Hold your temper and smile so you could get their attention and assistance. Ask patiently regarding the options that you may have. If the agent says that there is nothing that they can do about it then proceed to someone with more authority.

When the airline cannot take an action, you should call your travel agent and ask for help. When all of your actions go unrewarded, you can write a letter of complaint to the court. Prior to doing this, ensure that you have retained evidence of all prior correspondence, including names of peole you spoke to, when and where.

When writing a complaint letter for the courts, you should be as concise as possible. Donít fail to include all the relevant information about your complaint. Make it very objective, there is no room to voice opinion in a letter to the judge. You should also include how you would like your problem to be resolved. Make sure also that your letter contains all the available options to contact you (phone numbers, email address, fax number, house address, etc.)

As much as possible, keep your letter in a business-like tone. It is understandable that while you are writing a complaint, you may be at your highest temperament level. However, keeping yourself calm will make you focus on the specific information and facts that you surely want to address to the judge. Be reasonable with the demand that you want.

Sounds daunting? It could be if you donít know what you are doing. That is exactly why the Sue the Airline guide was written. Use the guide and leverage it to your benefit and get the compensation you deserve from airlines today. If you follow the guidelines in this book in writing a complaint for court, then your concern will most definitely be resolved. I have no doubts.

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