Ways to Get A Student Discount Airline Ticket

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So you are already excited for the upcoming holiday break and canít wait to go to that special place, whether it is home or seven seas across the world. If you are a student, read this carefully to learn how to best secure a student discount airline ticket!

Students are lucky to enjoy the student airline tickets that can be offered to them by different airline companies. They just have to meet certain requirements so they can fully benefit from the student discount airline ticket. So how can you possibly start getting some of these very cheap airline tickets?

As students, you must be able to present your student ID or some form of student certification. Anything evidencing you are student is good! These forms are then verified by the airline agents. The moment your student status is confirmed, you will be allowed to purchase the cheap student airline tickets.

You have to be guided by an expertís advice so you must have a travel agent with you. The travel agent will help you identify the best discount offers for students the given occasion. There are different airfare specials depending on the holiday break, so you will need someone to guide you through. In fact, many schools have their travel agencies near their location. You can ask someone at your school regarding this matter. I am sure there is one very close by if not right in your school.

Most airline companies present huge discounts to students in mostly their domestic routes. But these discounts are also available on international flights. However, airline companies set separate guidelines and categories for student discount airline tickets, so make sure you read those carefully. The good thing is that the markdown could exceed 70 percent off the original ticket rate! That is a huge chunk. So, being a student really has its advantages when it comes to flying. Again, just ask! Most people miss out on this because they donít ask. They donít ask because they simply do not know. But you are much better than that right?

Your student ticket can be purchased offline or online. Online purchases are always preferred, are easier and usually are also cheaper (less middle men involved and less transaction fees). On an important note, make sure you input the right age in the system. You will only qualify for a student discount airline ticket if you meet a certain age limit. This can vary across airlines. You should check with the airline company if you are eligible for certain discounts before you make a purchase. A phone call is the best way to do this beforehand.

There are also certain sites that sell tickets for students only. You can choose to become a member of such sites to get more discounts. The discount offers differ from season to season. It also depends upon the kind of route the student is planning. Student Advantage is a good example of a group or affiliation that can get you some solid discounts.

These discounts are exclusively offered to students and are not made for the general public. If you are planning to have a grand vacation outside of your state then check with your travel agent or browse the Internet to see whether or not you qualify for a student discount airline ticket. Knowing is half the battle, and now you know what it takes to fly for cheap!

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