How to Prepare Your Passenger Complaints

Your rights as an air traveler must not be overlooked by the airline company. Passenger complaints must be minimized as much as possible so as to prevent passengers from experiencing the very painful complaint process. In an unfortunate instance of something going wrong, always make sure that you lodge your travel complaints immediately. Filing your complaints against airlines early will increase your chance of realizing quicker results.

When dealing with airline complaints, it is important that you stay calm and as friendly as possible. Make your passenger complaint count by talking to the airline supervisor. If your travel complaint is ignored, never fail to list down the names of those whom you have spoken to and gather all documents involved such as tickets, confirmation numbers, etc. Keep a log of all the conversations and correspondence between you and the airline company, especially for those conversations that do not result in favorable results for you.

Follow up your complaints through your travel provider if you have one. Email them, phone them or write a correspondence to formally lodge your complaint. Remember that when you are writing a complaint letter, you should state the facts clearly and objectively. Do not involve your emotion, even when you feel like punching someone directly in the face. If the dispute is not yet resolved because the airline company seems to disregard your passenger complaints, then proceed to taking your complaint to the small claims court system. If you are really bitter about the situation, you may decide to voice your passenger complaint publicly.

In this new era of social media, displeased passengers have many options to get their message heard. They can voice out their travel complaints in their blogs, forums or in one of several social networking sites. You never know, the airline which has been ignoring your complaint may just take notice of your public broadcast expressing your discontentment with the airline company.

Now back to the small claims court. If everything else fails, you can take legal action. That is what the small claims court system was established for. You actually donít need a lawyer if you are suing for smaller amounts, in some states up to $10,000. But before pursuing this, visit your county office of consumer affairs so you can gather further information that will make your case stronger against the airline. What is this information? Itís a critical starting point, but itís just the start. The road is long and not easy, but equipped with the right knowledge you can take an effective short cut.

It is very important that you know every channel of this process, as well as your rights as a passenger. You must also be prepared and be able to support your passenger complaints so that you have a greater chance of winning your case. If approached the right way, you can win your case before even going to court. Iíve done it several times.

I have recorded my experiences in the Sue the Airline guide, the only one of its kind which will give you all the information you need and set you on the right track to filing your passenger complaints in small claims court.

The book includes practical, step by step advice and provides you with all the sources and their contact information, thus saving months and even years of research and frustration. Because of the statute of limitations, you can sue the airline for incidents that may have happened years ago. Again, this guide walks you through all that one by one.

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