What To Do With Damaged Luggage Issues

Damaged luggage can ruin your trip real quick. You might be a busy person who has been on a tiring trip, or a vacationer on a holiday break trip. When you reach your destination, the first thing that you want to directly go to your place of accommodation, unwind and relax. But what if you have discovered that your luggage is damaged?

When this happens, you will surely start to worry and potentially even lose your mind. What if the belongings inside are also damaged? This is usually the first reaction of most people who experience their luggage damaged when they receive it back from the airlines.

Whenever this happens, drop everything else and report your damaged luggage. The earlier you do this the better. In fact you should not leave the airport prior to reporting a claim. In the event you don’t notice the damage until you are out of the airport, call the airline company immediately and file a complaint. Then take the luggage back to the airport if necessary or required.

In most cases, the airline personnel (specifically the baggage office) will entertain your baggage complaints. They will evaluate things carefully and if your claim is legitimate they will usually make an offer to you to settle the issue. They will offer settlement possibilities such as bag replacements, bag repairs, air travel certificates, and in some cases, full airline reimbursement.

However, there are some airlines which are tough to deal with regards to baggage complaints. These airlines will just not entertain your damaged luggage complaint simply because they don’t believe that there is really an issue with your luggage. Now you have a problem don’t you?

For sure, at this point in time, the only thing on your mind is how could you possibly get the compensation you deserve? But at the same time you know this is a difficult task (for some impossible) especially against a company who has been in business for a long time. The expenses, the inconveniences, and all the time and effort that you will spend when you pursue your claim further will surely be a pain in your neck. You might even be telling yourself “forget it” That is where the “Sue the Airline” guidebook can be of help to you.

The guide was written for passengers exactly in your footsteps. It was written by me, someone who has been in your shoes several times in the past. This book is a convenient, comprehensive guide that gives you all the specific details on how to sue an airline in small claims court and win your case.

No worries, the process is easy and cheap, if you know what you are doing. There is no need to hire expensive attorneys either. I have done this multiple times with success each time. I hope to share what I have learned and know from years of experience so you can get the compensation you are owed from your damaged luggage.

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