Dealing With Baggage Complaints

Read about how to handle those frustrating baggage complaints in this article.

Often, if you are to go on your vacation, you prefer to travel via an airplane. Traveling on an airline is a fun experience but not when you encounter airline issues such as flight delays, poor service, lost luggage, bad food and other similar frustrating events.

It is no longer new news that there are an increasing number of people who file luggage complaints. This problem causes inconvenience and even financial loss. That is why many want to file baggage complaints with airline companies.

Sometimes this can involve a series of processes. But if you want to make sure that are compensated eventually, you have to travel down this path. Here are some tips on how you can deal with such airline issues:
  • Taking care of the travel complaints immediately. If you ever have any baggage complaints, you should take the time to bring it to attention of the airline company immediately, first trying someone who might have the authority to help you resolve the case immediate (such as the baggage department). If the airline has offered you something which is in your favor then you should accept it but if you do not like the offer, you can make your counter offer. However, if you and the airline canít come to an agreement, then you must prepare a written, formal complaint and have all the necessary information about your complaint in preparation ready as support. This will come handy in the long run.

  • Know the real reason for your complaint. It is not easy to deal with baggage related complaints since the procedure follows a certain process. But if you really like to have the best chances in the end, you should ask yourself the real reasons of your complaint as well as the outcome you desire. You have to write adequate, relevant details about your situation so that you can get a response from the airline immediately. You should understand that you will only get compensation if the airline is found liable to your concern (you have to prove that).

  • Document retention. Always keep all the documentation you have. This includes your flight number and the airport, tickets, baggage claim tags, names of people you spoke to, their ID numbers, when you spoke to them, etc. You will also need details of the contents of your lost luggage. If your concern branches out to the customer service you receive in trying to resolve your baggage complaints, then you have to add that on to your overall case.

The tips above will help you with your lugagge complaints. However in the end, there is a big chance that your efforts go wasted. When that happens, it is time to take your case to the small claims court, similar to what I have done several times in the past. With the help of the Sue the Airline guide, you are guaranteed to collect full compensation, and some more, for your airline troubles.

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