Writing an Effective Airline Complaint Letter

How to write an effective airline complaint letter than gets results? Isn’t that the million dollar question?

You must be frustrated from a recent airline experience if you are reading this. You must have an airline complaint you want to write about? Do you want to sue the airline? No matter what your purpose is, writing an effective airline complaint letter is the key to getting results.

When you draft a well written letter, it gives the reader the impression that you are prepared to go to battle. It tells them you are educated and resourceful, and they will be more likely to take you more seriously over another airline complaint letter which appears to have been crafted in just 2 minutes. This isn’t oatmeal we are talking about here.

People often have travel complaints regarding issues like flight delays, poor costumer service and other much worst issues. This is the reason why they are pushed to file an airline complaint, which they do to get some kind of compensation from the airlines in return. That is the hope at least.

However, in some instances, filing your complaints will do you no good because there are some people that work for airline companies who simply do not seem to care about your concern. In such case, you should report your travel complaint to someone higher up (good luck finding them), and if that does not work then you simply take them to court.

You have the right to file a complaint letter against the airline because you and the airline company have a certain agreement between the two of you. You just might not know about it. This is called the “contract of carriage” statement. In case you have not noticed, simply flip your ticket and read the fine print behind it. See, now you know the rest of the story!

This contract states all the rules by which airline companies are obligated to treat all passengers. Even a slight compromise in these terms in your favor allows you to include it in your airline complaint letter as valid grounds for grief. I recommend that you do this. You should state the actual detail/sentence/phrase from the contract and then describe clearly the situation you experienced which clearly shows breach of contractual terms.

Moreover, there are certain considerations you need to take into account in writing your complaint letter. Your complaint will be processed faster if you include all the details regarding your specific situation. You should make it formal, direct and to the point. Keep it factual and leave all the emotions behind (for now).

If you are not given what you deserve, then you may take the matter further into small claims court. That is what the small courts system is for. You may ask some legal advice from lawyers before suing the airline company, but this advice won’t come cheap.

For some folks, being in the Small Claims Court is very intimidating and therefore they seek legal help from reliable lawyers who can help them win their case and get compensated in the end. Some hire lawyers because they don’t know how to write an effective complaint letter. But BE WARNED! Lawyers are not cheap, especially ones that handle airline passenger law.

There is no need to worry if you are one of the people I described above. That is what the Sue the Airline guide is for, which many have used to educate and guide them throughout the entire process in an easy to follow step by step manner. They have all gone on their way to collecting the compensation they were owed by the airline companies, whether $500 or $5,000.

Are you interested in having ME personally help you write the complaint letter?

Contact Me if you are interested in me personally writing an airline complaint letter for you. I have written hundreds of complaint letters for my book customers, which they have used to send to airline companies and take to court with them. I have gotten some very good feedback on these letters.

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